Attorney Profile

Richard Berkon-Criminal Defense Lawyer

Upon graduating from law school, I applied and was hired by the St. Lucie County Public Defender’s Office.  It was a proud moment for me because I was one of only six lawyers hired that year out of hundreds of applicants from all over the country.  My experience in the Public Defender’s Office allowed me to take up the fight of the poor and homeless who are often unfairly targeted by police who know a typical juror will take the word of a police officer over that of a homeless junkie whether the officer is telling the truth or not.  More importantly it allowed me to ensure that the Constitution was applied equally to everyone no matter one’s social status or race. 

Additionally, my years in the Public Defender’s Office allowed me to hone my trial skills as I was in trial my first week on the job (a not guilty verdict on a DUI).   In the four and a half years I was with the Public Defender’s Office I tried over 30 cases to verdict to include major felony and three strike cases; litigated dozens of motions and successfully handled hundreds of cases both misdemeanor and felony.

As I moved into private practice, I have focused more on major felonies to include, murder, attempted murder, ADW, Robbery, Three Strikes Cases, Sex Crimes and Narcotic Offenses.  These are the types of cases that have the greatest impact on a person’s life and I take great pride on being in that person’s corner. 

I have now been practicing over ten years and have worked very hard to earn an excellent reputation among my peers, prosecutors and judges in not just St. Lucie County, but Indian River, Martin & Palm Beach Counties as well.  I am known as a “straight shooter” and know how to balance being aggressive with being diplomatic.  I am aggressive enough to let the other side know I will go to trial any time on any case, but diplomatic enough not to alienate them and cause my client problems.  

I invite you to look at my case results, and look forward to hearing from you.